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Perfect Balance Physical Therapy in Brevard, Asheville & Woodfin

WELCOME!  Thank you for choosing us.  

People come to physical therapy because they are in pain, can’t move joints properly, or both.  You want answers about the causes and how to get you back to enjoying life.  We believe we can help.  If you have aches and pains in your joints (back, shoulder, hip, knee,etc) from injuries or medical conditions such as arthritis, this can affect your daily life. Don't spend another moment in discomfort, suffering silently as your pain worsens.

Call us for an immediate appointment and a 15 minute phone consultation. Doesn't EVERYBODY cherish the opportunity to describe the unique nature of their discomfort?

Our treatment is based on a one-on-one approach to provide each patient with a plan of care that is specialized to their individual needs and capabilities. We are passionate about providing the WNC communities with the top-notch care they deserve, just as we have done for 22 years as a physical therapist-owned clinic.  We are qualified in numerous areas of hands-on physical and occupational therapy, as well as aquatic therapy.


"All of your PTs were very professional and proficient in their actions and counsel. Carrie was my main PT and she is excellent! I say thank you for your help. I think PBPT is a first rate company right across to professionals at the front desk, they are stellar."
~Lou Vitelli

"This letter is to send praises to the following Perfect Balance Physical Therapy employees, in particular: Carrie Neiman, Wendy, Tom Sharkey and Catherine Sexton.

I am a former Force Recon Marine with PTSD and Catherine helped me in a serious situation, acting very professional and in a calm manner, averted the situation.

Carrie, Wendy and Tom were outstanding in their fields. I have had physical therapy several times in other places and have never experienced such professional and successful rehabilitation.

They were caring and kind and knew exactly what I needed to get better. These employees deserve much praise and should be recognized."

Want Some Help?