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"On 30 April 2016, I awoke to recognize that I could not get out of bed or stand without support. A stroke affecting my right parietal area had robbed me of my sense of balance as well as my ability to use my left hand to hold anything or coordinate my finger use. My left leg simply refused to obey what my brain was telling it to do. The medical staff's prescription for my rehabilitation was physical therapy. There were three professional options and I chose Perfect Balance because of the owner, Dawn Rouse, and the reputation for professionalism of her organization. On 6 May, I appeared at their recently opened new facility, supported by my wife and my walker for my PT evaluation. It is now just two months and less than 20 sessions since I first entered the Perfect Balance facility and yesterday, 6 July, I was discharged. 

I now carry a cane "just in case" when I am out, but at home I never need it. I have typed this note with only a rare situation when my left finger hits the "caps lock" along with the "a" key. In my first weeks after the stroke, I had explored getting voice recognition software since I became so frustrated with the multiple errors from the fingers on my left hand. I have never been "athletically inclined" unless we include my fantasy life. However, after my time with Perfect Balance, I suspect that should I be stopped for a DWI and asked to walk the center line in the road, I can do that better now than before my stroke. For the first two weeks after the stroke I had to use a bench to sit on in the shower; I now stand and make no use of the grab bars in the tub. On 4 July I walked with my cane several blocks to the holiday festival, mingled with the crowd, and walked with a large cup of lemonade in my left hand, never spilling a drop.

My friends comment that I “look as good as new.” I myself am amazed that I have regained most of my skills that this 87 year old needs. I credit Perfect Balance and especially the persons who worked with me, Josh, Soulinee and Tom, for what I am comfortable calling my amazing recovery. Not only did I feel the competence and caring of those therapists, but I was equally delighted at their sense of humor, their talent in helping turn a physically challenging routine into a pleasant interpersonal experience, and their patience in dealing with a client who had previously viewed exercise as torture.”

Tom M.- Perfect Balance Patient

Patient Testimonials
  • Patsy R.
    2 years ago
    “When I came to Perfect Balance, I had been out of surgery for 15 days. My right arm was in a sling, I could barely lift my arm, I was hurting and had never experienced physical therapy. The staff at Perfect Balance immediately put me at ease with their care and understanding. My success story is that after physical therapy at Perfect Balance, I have use of my right arm, can lift it above my head and am able to function well at work. Thanks to Phil, Guenevere, and Brandy.”
  • James R.
    2 years ago
    “I was in a car accident that hurt my knee, causing me to walk with crutches/cane etc. with very limited movement. [Within] the second therapy visit, I was walking almost fine & I actually lost the cane on my first visit. The staff is very nice & helpful & also knowledgeable in this field. They helped me improve very quickly when I was almost hopeless. They do an amazing job.” - Theresa Rice
  • Jennifer H.
    2 years ago
    I had both knees replaced at the same time and went to Perfect Balance for therapy and rehab in 2009. The physical therapists were supportive, thorough, persistent, and talented. I could not be where I am today without their skills. I am pain free and able to do everything I want, including hiking.
  • Karen V.
    2 years ago
    The therapy I received post-surgery has been great! Of course, my favorite part is the aqua therapy which helps with balance and strength. But, the land therapy helped me work on other muscle groups that were not being worked in the water. After two month of post-surgical therapy, I am walking cane free and having no pain. While the recovery process is not 100% complete (that will take 7-8 months), I feel much more able to go about my normal life and confident that I can carry on all my previous activities! Thanks Perfect Balance!
  • William T.
    2 years ago
    My surgeon referred me to physical therapy. I chose Perfect Balance Physical Therapy in Reynolds Village because of it's convenient location. I have had the past couple of months working with Phil Rolfe. I have gained much new knowledge about my body ‘awareness,’ good exercise & range of motion movements, stretches, etc. I have definitely gained stability & resilience in some of my movement, for which I’m so grateful. Overall, an excellent, beneficial time with Phil.
  • Alfred B.
    2 years ago
    Perfect Balance has helped me make a very successful recovery from shoulder surgery. My therapist has been outstanding... pushing improvement while continuing to be very encouraging and supportive. Receptionists are great. Always very friendly and well organized.
  • Larry P.
    2 years ago
    I want to thank everyone at Perfect Balance for the good job they do. I would recommend them to anyone. I would not be walking today if it wasn’t for them and I thank God each day for that! God bless each and every one of them for good job they do.
  • Linda B.
    2 years ago
    When I started therapy at Perfect Balance, I had pain in my left hip and down my left leg. It would come and go but mostly woke me up at night hurting in my left leg. They started me on exercises 3 days a week and also continued with them at home. After about 3 visits, I was almost pain free. I continued for 7 visits and was pain free. I can not say enough good things about Perfect Balance.w The staff and PT’s were excellent in every way. I would recommend them to anyone. If I need therapy, I would go back to Perfect Balance.
  • Bob T.
    2 years ago
    I have been going to Perfect Balance since 2003. They have successfully treated me for many physical problems including rehabilitation after replacement of both knees. I have complete confidence in their therapists.
  • Ken C.
    2 years ago
    I have been to Perfect Balance a number of times over the past twelve years for treatment after various orthopedic surgical procedures. In all cases, I have received professional courteous, and timely treatments appropriate to the issue at hand, with successful recovery to full function. I especially appreciate the broad scope of approaches (standard physical therapy as well as approaches using pressure points, dry needling procedures, deep tissue therapy, etc.) represented by the professionals at Perfect Balance. I believe our community is most fortunate to have Dawn Rouse and Perfect Balance resident here. In my experience, Dawn maintains the highest standards of her profession and expects the same dedication from her therapists.
  • Ray H.
    2 years ago
    I moved to Western Carolina mainly to fly fish for trout. Old injuries were keeping me from enjoying my time on the stream. The professional staff at Perfect Balance took care of a problem shoulder and elbow and I’m back to full time fishing!
  • Theresa R.
    2 years ago
    I am free of pain at night and stronger as a result of the therapy. Jessica was wonderful and a blessing to have met. A friend forever. I would refer her to anyone. The staff were always nice at my appointments.

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