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Meet New PBPT Personal Trainer: Tim Thew

Timothy Thew comes to Perfect Balance with an impressive collection of experiences and certifications to back up his positive and inspirational personality. You will be pleased to discover that Tim's passion to provide top-notch fitness opportunities for people of all ages and conditions is very much in line with that of Perfect Balance Physical Therapy's mission, making him an easy hire. Tim received his Bachelor degree from Brevard College. He also pursued a Health and Fitness major from Catonsville Community College in Baltimore, Maryland. If you're wondering what makes him a step above the rest, it's simply this: Tim's coaching style is based on personal relationships and the specific needs of each client. "[He] enjoys finding a variety of appropriate and safe, functional workouts specific to his client’s goals and needs."

His numerous certifications include being a "Gold Standard" ACSM certified exercise physiologist and health fitness specialist. He is also a certified USA Triatholon Coach. This makes him the perfect expert in personal and group training for folks of all ages and fitness levels. Not only can he play a major role in post-surgical rehabilitation, but he has the knowledge and skills to take patients to a higher level of fitness than they've every experienced before. 

If you have fitness goals but need help reaching them, if you're confused about where or how to start, if you are ready to take control of your personal health, or if you're ready to push yourself to the next level of athletic performance, Perfect Balance Physical Therapy has the resources to help you!

You do not need to be a patient or have a doctor's referral to take advantage of personal training services. We are sharing our personal training services with the community! If you'd like more information on services, prices, and training packages, give our Brevard office a call today at (828) 966-9036.

Want Some Help?