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Referring Patients To Our Clinics

Perfect Balance Physical Therapy (PBPT) has been in WNC for 14+ years and continue to add new physical rehabilitation programs to serve our community together.

We have multiple offices in your area, our new patient referrals are usually seen the same week, and we are often able to work patients in the same day.

Client Care Specialists

If you have any questions regarding our therapy programs or the patients you refer to us, please call your local Client Care Specialist. They can answer your questions and help coordinate follow-up conversations with our therapists for you.

59 Oakdale St, Brevard, NC 28713
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Brittany Mitchell, Client Care Specialist
Erin Lally, Client Care Specialist

PH: 828.966.9036
Fax: 828.966.4538

260 Merrimon Ave, Suite 100, Asheville, NC 28801
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Kady Bishop, Client Care Specialist

PH: 828.785.4700
Fax: 828-552-5566

61 N Merrimon Ave, Suite 107, Woodfin. NC 28804
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Elena Raygoza , Client Care Specialist

PH: 828.484.8398
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Insurances Accepted

Click the title link to download a PDF version of our insurance list.

PBPT Insurances Accepted

We are a preferred provider for multiple insurance companies while providing guidance to our patients on how to submit their claims when we are out-of-network. If you can’t find your patient’s insurance on the list above, call the referral line below and let us help.

Referral Forms

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Master Referral Sheet

A center-spoke view of all services provided by PBPT

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy allows for advanced interventions with patients experiencing neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, and cardiovascular diseases and disorders. Increased range of motion and decreased impact on the patient makes this therapy a good fit for post-surgery recovery, injury-induced disability, and patients with musculoskeletal pain when exercising. 

Balance and Fall Risk Screening (BFRS)

An advanced assessment of postural control and negative overcompensation habits where systems are weak can help this demographic overcome common stability and reaction deficiencies. Our system helps define a patient’s baseline to develop custom coordination exercises and a plan for corrective refocus of sensory information. These targets are then monitored in partnership with the patient through color reports and motivating feedback by their therapists.&

Lymphedema Program

Our therapists treat lymphedema of any part of the body including the upper extremity, lower extremity, trunk/breast, genitals, and head and neck. We treat all ages, from pediatric to geriatric, and all types of primary and secondary lymphedema.

Neuro Rehabilitation

Our Neuro Rehabilitation program is designed to restore function to our patients’ lives while helping them readjust to what they may have lost. Our team identifies any missing components and provides continuing education of highly efficient “new-normal” movements to build better habits and life skills. Applicable to Stroke, Parkinson's Disease, and various traumatic brain injury (TBI) conditions.

Pelvic Health

Pelvic floor rehabilitation program designed to address the strength, coordination, and any associated pain or deficits of pelvic floor muscles. Our female pelvic specialists are trained to assess pelvic floor health through external, intravaginal, or intrarectal muscle examinations of their patients in a private and comfortable setting. 

Partnering w/ Podiatry

Providing relief through hands-on techniques to restore joints and soft tissue to a more normal state. Our therapists analyze walking and running patterns, spine or pelvic nerve issues, congenital conditions, and lower leg and ankle strength to help in the root-cause determination of your foot or ankle pain.

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